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Borgny Lokken, a resident of the 1st Floor Neighbourhood at Luther Special Care Home in Saskatoon, is seen with Ivan Olfert, Operations Lead Health Services, outside the entrance to the kitchen. While the 1st Floor dining room was expanded and updated in 2014, the kitchen remains in its original, institutional design.

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In the next phase of the LSCH Renewal, the 1st Floor kitchen will be made to look more like the one on 2nd Floor, which was redesigned in 2012.

The Renewal of Luther Special Care Home (LSCH) in Saskatoon will soon be ready to pick up where it left off.

The most recent phase of the Renewal was the expansion of the 1st floor dining room, completed in winter 2014. The expansion provided residents with more space for programming, more natural light, more residential décor, and improved access to the outdoor courtyard. The next phase of the Renewal will be to remodel the 1st floor kitchen as an open, welcoming, non-institutional space that will serve as the “heart of the home.” A similar redesign of the kitchen on 2nd floor was completed in 2012 and 1st floor residents are anxious to have it happen on their floor too.

The benefits of the redesigned kitchen will include:

  • the open design allows for improved communication between staff and residents;
  • the self-serve refreshment bar allows residents and visitors to help themselves to snacks and beverages throughout the day, encouraging visiting, contributing to a feeling of independence, and reducing the need to call on staff for help;
  • the residential décor makes the dining room feel more like home and less like an institution.

The Renewal is an ongoing process that began in 2007-09 when renovations to the 49-bed dementia care unit created the smaller and more home-like Temperance Neighbourhood and Munroe Neighbourhood. Renovations to the 2nd floor kitchen, dining room and lounge were carried out from mid-October 2011 to the end of January 2012.

The LSCH Renewal can only proceed with the generosity of our donors. A campaign will be launched in 2015 to raise funds to make the 1st floor kitchen “the heart of the home.” For information on how to support the Renewal of Luther Special Care Home with a donation, please visit the LutherCare Foundation  page.

The dining room expansions on 1st and 2nd floors have made it possible to carry out more recreation programming in these spaces. Follow this link to see a video of the men's coffee group that meets in the renovated 2nd floor dining room:


LutherCare Village at Stonebridge is now open. Please call (306) 664-0501 to book your personal tour.

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