Employee Testimonials 

"My name is Barb and I am a housekeeper at Luther Heights. My duties include vacuuming the dining room, cleaning the washrooms, mopping the front entrance, cleaning the offices, sanitizing railings, cleaning up the coffee station , cleaning the guest room, and much more. Although my duties are somewhat the same from day to day, I like having the flexibility to schedule my tasks around the residents’ routines. I enjoy talking and interacting with the residents. I also enjoy my morning coffee with my coworkers and chatting about things happening in the building as well as sharing a laugh or two. I’ve worked for LutherCare around 13 years, and I feel very comfortable here. When I leave for the day, I always feel like I’ve done a good job."  -Barb, Housekeeper


"I’m a team member of caring ladies at Home Help. I’ve worked at Home Help for 2½ years and have come to realize that my daily routine consists of no routine! My schedule varies each day and includes personal care, housekeeping, and companionship, in no particular order or consistency. Home Help Staff touch lives physically and emotionally. I enjoy helping clients accomplish something that has become a challenge for them. I find it gratifying when I can encourage them with a helping hand, laughter and companionship. My reward comes when after a few visits they see our service as valuable and us as friends! I am thankful I have the privilege of knowing my clients as who they are right now, laughing and commiserating with them. I ask God every day to help me be a blessing in someone else’s day. LutherCare’s values give me a lot to strive for, an ongoing challenge!" - Verna, Home Help Worker


"My name is Lana and I am a Community Service Worker in the Group Homes of LutherCare. I love coming to work and seeing my residents. They always put a smile on my face, even when I’m having a bad day they cheer me up. My daily routine includes looking after the residents, making meals, bathing, taking them on outings, spending time with them and making sure their needs are met. My co-workers and I get along great, and are always there to help each other, which makes me feel happy and accomplished at the end of my shift. I love being on the front line and working with the residents. I like being able to see a difference that my position makes in their life. LutherCare is a good company, and I enjoy working here." -Lana, Community Service Worker


"My name is Maggie and I am a Personal Care Worker at Luther Heights Personal Care Home. I have two different routines based on what shift I am scheduled for. If I am scheduled for a floor shift, I help wake the residents up, bathe them, clothe them, and get them ready for breakfast. After breakfast, we do activities with the residents which can include anything from music time or church time, to taking them on a walk to the park. I look forward to making my residents comfortable and happy throughout the day. If I am scheduled for a kitchen shift I help prepare the breakfast, help the residents with their meal, and then administer their medication. After breakfast, I clean up and participate in the various morning activities. I then start prepping for lunch, and then help the residents with their meal. I then clean up, and start prepping for dinner. At the end of my shift, I feel happy knowing that I have helped the residents throughout the day, and feel confident that my co-workers will ensure their safety and happiness throughout the evening and night. I like working for LutherCare because I feel that the organization’s values closely align with my own, and I feel very comfortable and appreciated in my work environment. I love the benefits that LutherCare offers, and I really enjoy working here." - Maggie, Personal Care Worker


"My name is Emma and I am a Full Time Server at Luther Riverside Terrace. When I arrive for my shift, I start serving the residents their lunch. I like seeing all of the residents, and interacting with them while I serve their meals. After lunch, I start prepping the dining room for supper. I fill up the water jugs, pour juice, and make sure the tables have the appropriate condiments.  I like being active on my feet, and enjoy always having something to do. Once the dining room is ready, my co-workers and I begin to serve supper to the residents. I like interacting with the residents and getting to know them. Once my shift is done, I go home feeling happy, because being around the residents always puts me in a good mood." - Emma, Server



"My name is Helen and I am a Cook at Luther Riverside Terrace. At the start of my shift, I start making soups and menus items for lunch. During this time, I also start my prep for the dinner menu and the garnishes. I look forward to everyone working as a team, which makes the day run smoothly. After lunch, I start cooking the supper entrées. Supper is set up by 4:30pm, and the meals are served at 4:45pm. I enjoy the challenge of my position, and am happy when the finished product comes out just right. The residents know me by name, and they often compliment my food. I feel accomplished at the end of my shift, and it feels good to make the residents happy. I have worked here for 15 years, and it is a nice place to work, as the residents are friendly and treat me well." - Helen, Cook



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